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Energy is the one thing that drives us all. Our lack of it propels a multi-billion-dollar industry run on the ‘quick fix’ concept.

We decided on a different approach. Build the body to work in balance. It will then utilize natural reserves as needed to carry you through your day.  

150 Capsules (plus 50 bonus capsules!)


Organic Maca Root

Organic Horny Goat Weed

Organic Damiana

Organic Wild Yam

Organic Habanero

Malic Acid

Vegetable Cellulose (Plant Fiber Capsule)


  • Promotes Endurance and Stamina.
  • Alleviates Fatigue.
  • Builds and strengthens the entire body.
  • Has a Cumulative Effect.
  • Is an Adaptogen that Builds & Balances the Immune System.

Take my case for example. At one point in time I was tired by lunch. I don't just mean a little worn out. I had to lay down and sleep. My fibromyalgia drained me completely. I had my own business and knew I had to find a way to keep going. The products on the market were of the boom and crash variety. The downs after the ups wiped me out. 

I embarked on a plan to find natural sources of energy that would also rebuild my body. Extensive study and testing resulted in the ingredients used in this product.

Maca Root was one of the first major choices. I love it for many reasons. One is that it rebuilds your Endocrine System, which I believe is the root of many fatigue issues. It is an adaptogen, which means it encourages all the systems in the body to balance. If something is working too hard, it calms it down. If something is dormant, it stimulates it to function again. It is great for helping women to balance hormones and reduce hot flashes.

Energee was formulated to be a continuous source of energy throughout the day. There are no ups and downs. The best way I can explain is by reminding you how you felt when you were twelve years old. You had a great amount of energy throughout the day. When your parents told you to go to bed you still were not tired. Six hours of sleep then would feel like twelve hours of sleep now. Young, healthy blood from well-functioning organs makes a huge difference.

We don’t promote this as a cure-all regarding physical relations. However, it makes a real difference. When the body, just like an engine, functions as it should, all facets feel the effect.

One thing I really like about Energee is how nice and easy it is to fall asleep on. It does not force your body to stay awake when it is time to sleep. You have energy throughout the day and can also sleep at night!

With daily use, your youthful energy will be vibrant in your body again. You will feel your fatigue retreat, and your energy will return. It is meant to rebuild your energy by assisting in rebuilding your health in general. It will have a cumulative effect, meaning the longer that you take it your body will gradually build up from its benefits. As everything in Energee is based on natural foodstuff you can regulate the dosage to suit you. We all are different in regard to what our body requires.

Yes, stimulant based chemical drinks are going to energize you, but at the same time they are taxing your entire system and destroying it. This will make you ever more dependent on them. You feel energy temporarily off those chemical stimulants because it is your immune system responding to the poisons that you have just ingested. You have caused your body to have an adrenaline release to try to cope with the toxic stimulants that you have ingested. This is the process that gets you physically addicted to that worthless money-making junk. People have been manipulated and pushed into becoming addicts.

Our Energee capsules are not going to give you an instant rush like a super sized 64 Ounce Cola or a $9.00 Latte will. However, they will help to build up what is causing low energy in the first place. Addicts are only concerned with instant fixes. Those who want true health, stamina and happiness, think long-term. Invest in your health everyday and reap the rewards for choosing true health with real things. If nature didn't make it, forget it!


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The subject matter contained herein is not intended to diagnose or advise treatment. If you have any concerns, particularly if you have pre-existing conditions or allergies, check with your healthcare provider regarding the ingredients we use.

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