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Acne & Beyond
Acne & Beyond
Acne & Beyond

Acne & Beyond

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• Prevents acne
• Helps clear up old acne scars
• Replenishes and beautifies the skin
• Fixes deficiencies caused by adolescence
• Shrinks the pores and regulates oil production of the glands

Why just treat acne when you can defeat it and have healthy skin? Beauty products are a mega-industry. They deal with externals. We address acne on an internal level. Facial cleansers and scrubs have their benefits. Our product attacks the root of the problem.

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The subject matter contained herein is not intended to diagnose or advise treatment. If you have any concerns, particularly if you have pre-existing conditions or allergies, check with your healthcare provider regarding the ingredients we use.

Statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA.

100 Capsules | 650 mg. each

Pantothenic Acid (400 mg. from Calcium Pantothenate)

(Proprietary Blend 250 mg. listed below)

Organic Burdock Root

Organic Dandelion Root

Organic Milk Thistle

Vegetable Cellulose (Plant Fiber Capsules)

Dosage & Info
Begin by taking 1 to 2 capsules, 3 times a day with or without food. If needed, increase the dose by 1 each time after each 3 days. Proceed to adjust the dosage after the acne clears to suit your situation. We are happy to help & contact info is on the website.


From the Founder

Today, I want to speak a little bit about our product Acne & Beyond.

Acne & Beyond’s name is as a result of the fact that it accomplishes many things other than preventing acne.

Let’s deal with acne first.

I spent most of my teenage years (and my 20’s and 30’s) dealing with acne. I tried everything. I tried different diets, creams, scrubs, you name it. Like anybody else with that many years of frustration, I tried everything.

Nothing worked, it really didn’t. So eventually, after many years of studying, I figured out what is the cause of most acne.

Now granted, there are a couple of different kinds of acnes.

There is standard acne and hormonal acne. Standard acne is created by sebum oil in the body not being metabolized correctly. Therefore, it becomes food for bacteria. This bacterium, as it grows and thrives, it becomes the acne under your skin.

It’s that simple.

In your body there is the Coenzyme-A factor. Pantothenic acid is a precursor for it to be developed in your body. What the Coenzyme-A factor does, and the Pantothenic Acid triggers, is that it metabolizes fats. To be accurate, it metabolizes carbohydrates and fats and utilizes proteins correctly as well.

Generally, when people are getting acne, they are deficient in Pantothenic Acid. That is why it is one of the main ingredients in Acne & Beyond.

That is why you get results extremely quickly. It starts correcting that deficiency and begins producing that Coenzyme-A factor that you need in your body to metabolize fats correctly and efficiently.

When you’re a teenager and your body is developing sex hormones (like testosterone and so forth) it uses up a lot of the Coenzyme-A factor supplies.

As a result, it leaves you in a deficient state, hence the Pantothenic acid.

Teenagers end up breaking out with acne more than anybody on the planet, because in that moment of their life in those development stages, it’s utilizing a lot of that Coenzyme-A factor in manufacturing sex hormones. A normal part of aging.

Even many adults are subject to acne because they never re-balanced after puberty.

There are many other things Pantothenic Acid does within the body, and why it’s needed. But that’s why it works for acne.

Hormonal acne is a different subject and a lot rarer than common acne. I know of some things that may help so please email me etc.

Now, for the “Beyond” part.

Acne and Beyond helps convert food into energy, including the carbs and fats. It also helps utilize the proteins as well. As a result of that conversion, it ends up being very important to the immune system, the nervous system and the GI tract health.

The benefits to your entire body and every cell are endless.

Believe it not, it even helps cholesterol levels, because it converts fats and carbs into glucose. That ends up lowering those levels by using the fats for your benefit rather than that fat just being elevated to the detriment of your cardiovascular and heart health.

The Coenzyme-A factor speeds up wound healing. It’s really good for the skin.

It helps with minor scaring. Anything to do with the skin really benefits from that Coenzyme-A factor as well.

It makes for a very healthy nervous system.

It’s great for your eyes, your skin, your liver, your hair.

It helps create sex hormones and promotes energy.

Another important factor is the adrenals. They need the Coenzyme-A factor to produce cortisol, which is an important anti-inflammatory produced by the body. Hence, the Pantothenic acid promotes anti-inflammation. It helps rebuild the adrenals and keeps them healthy.

Many have probably heard of adrenal burnout, or adrenal exhaustion as they call it. This occurs where adrenals get exhausted and you feel tired all the time and burnt out.

They need the Coenzyme-A factor to be healthy. They need that Pantothenic acid.

Stress alone strips it out of your body, and it’s extremely hard on your adrenals. It doesn’t matter what the cause of stress is: emotional, relationship, physical stress, “I busted my toe” stress. Anything. Any source of stress is still stress and it’s hard on the adrenals. You need even more Pantothenic acid during these times.

Most people go through it every day, week and month to some degree. However, we never replenish the Pantothenic acid like we need to, in today’s world.

They call it the “anti-stress vitamin” because stress depletes it. Supplementing with it helps your body cope.

Did you know that there’s super high concentrations of the Coenzyme-A factor in your liver?

The important part of that is that the liver helps get rid toxic substances.

Let’s say you become deficient or drained of the Coenzyme-A factor. Over time, your liver becomes compromised. Then, you are not filtering the blood that runs through it every 3 to 4 minutes.

You are not detoxifying your blood. All of a sudden, you can’t handle it.  You become sensitive to all chemicals, because you’re in overload and can’t efficiently process the toxins out of your blood. Once your liver is compromised, your energy is compromised. Your overall health is compromised.

Your blood goes to everything in your body. All the capillaries and arteries, delivering to all the tissues and the joints, and on and on and on. If that is compromised, you are compromised. That’s just another really important part of what Pantothenic acid does.

That’s why I call it Acne & Beyond, because it goes beyond acne. Way beyond.

I could also say it acts as a beauty product. Not just because of the elimination of acne and minor scaring, but because it shrinks skin pores.

What happens when you shrink skin pores? You look younger, because young skin has very small pores.

That’s why it looks so smooth and perfect. The components within the product promotes the shrinking of skin pores, which makes you look younger. It also softens and heals the skin. It’s so good for the skin, far beyond the elimination of acne.

People that take it see younger looking skin. Healthier, softer, brighter. Just fresh looking. Smaller pore size is going to make you look better. It could be classified as a beauty product just because of that.

In Acne & Beyond we also have Milk Thistle, because it’s wonderful for the blood and liver. Again: clean liver, clean blood, clean skin, health, vitality.

I put Burdock Root in there for the same reason. It’s a great blood purifier/cleaner. It’s all about the blood.

Dandelion Root, again, wonderful for the liver and the blood.

That’s what we’re targeting here: blood and liver, blood and liver, blood and liver because skin depends on blood, blood depends on the liver.

This product is geared towards cleaning your liver, cleaning your blood, and replenishing all the factors that the Coenzyme-A/Pantothenic Acid does when it is deficient in your body.

Such as: low energy, high fats in your bloodstream, fatigue, lethargy. So many different things!

The biggest thing to realize is that the Pantothenic acid/Coenzyme-A factor is in every cell of your body. Every cell of your body requires it and utilizes it every day. Again, in the world of stress and toxicity, we need it more than ever. The beautiful thing? There are no side effects.

One thing I forgot to mention, is that it is amazing for digestion in general. It gets your elimination organs working a little better as well, because it gives your body that energy to say, “hey I want to function correctly”.

The first thing that happens when you hit that lack of energy, everything within your body and all the different organs and systems start not working like they should. It’s no different than a workplace or a farm.

If you have a bunch of hired hands and they’re tired, they’re weak, and they’re hungry and they’re not getting what they need for their general vitality. They’re not going to work like they should. They are going to work at 20% or 30% instead.

Well how well is that farm going to operate? Nothing good is going to come out of it. It’s probably going to fail. Ultimately, it will fail. The animals will suffer, the crops will suffer, the family will suffer, the finances will suffer. Nothing is going to function properly.

It’s the same with the body. We become fatigued and tired because we don’t have the nutrients we need. Ultimately, that is the outcome.

Mental willpower is not going to change it. You can be positive all you want.

However, the bottom line: This isn’t about mental attitude. This is about biological factors.

Biologically we need this. We need this Coenzyme-A throughout our entire body. To repeat: It’s most abundant in the liver. That should tell you how very important it is.

Liver, blood, body. A B C.

Thank you very much.

-Darcy Borst


If you have any questions, please use our form in Contact Us. We are happy to help, even if your solution doesn't involve our products. For those few that don't get the desired result PLEASE contact us. We will provide free information on what may help you.

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