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My Story


Hello to all! My name is Darcy Borst. I wish to share a brief history of my past physical challenges and to explain what inspired the creation and purpose of Roots of Health. Secondly to hopefully help as many others as I can with the various discoveries stemming from my experiences and studies. My focus of research has always been on pain, fatigue and inflammation. This work revealed that the majority of the symptoms of many different illnesses are actually caused by a few basic things that manifest themselves a little differently in each of us.

My difficulties started over 20 years ago when I was in my late twenties. The first symptom to hit me was some joint pain in the elbows and knees, I didn't think too much about it and I figured it would just go away on its own, after all I am young! Well, it did not go away. In fact, it got worse quickly and soon my joints started to hurt everywhere as well as my tendons and ligaments. It felt like pain was shooting everywhere throughout my body, even in my skull. From head to my toes to my fingertips.

It hurt to hold a pen, which would be considered neuropathy. Why? I didn't have diabetes! Suddenly I had neuropathy? Doctors were of no help and had no answers. They kept asking me if I was depressed. I said no but being in your office sure is depressing! I asked one doctor if he put a clothes pin on his little willy if he would remain happy or get "depressed".

More symptoms were to join in on the hell party that was my body. These included relentless fatigue, severely dry eyes and mouth. My eyeballs were starting to hurt, and I was quite concerned that eventually it could cost me my sight. My mouth was so dry! Eventually my gums became so red and inflamed that they started receding. My teeth started to loosen and of course I was very scared now they were going to literally fall out of my mouth. Oh joy! I was looking at ending up in a wheelchair, blind, with no teeth.

Ugly, blind, tired and crippled. Life was not looking good. So, I began a long, long journey to try to figure out exactly was going on. Back then the internet was not a "thing" and we had no computer access. Studying was done the old-fashioned way with books, magazines, etc. I read everything I could get my hands on regarding my multiple symptoms. I started shopping at health food stores and studying herbs and naturally derived healing supplements.

My mainstream doctors knew little to nothing about actual healing. They were simply prescribers of man-made numbing agents (drugs). They represented no help for me in terms of addressing the true cause of my symptoms. I therefore concluded that masking the problem with drugs was not an option. I believe there is a truth to everything in life. I needed to discover physical truths.

Discovering lies can be a powerful method when trying to uncover truths, for one is often the opposite of the other. I went to many natural doctors, contacted authors of natural books and articles and picked their brains. I travelled and did various I.V. therapies. I fasted and undertook numerous strict diets. I went through over 100 coffee enemas consecutively. I tried hundreds and hundreds of different herbs, tinctures and supplements. I spent tens of thousands of dollars. I detoxified in saunas and tried detox diets. I did many different organ cleanses. I ‘juiced’ twice a day every day for years. I did colonics and anything I could do to get toxins out and get life giving nutrients in. Every month I learned more, and every month I got a little better. Looking back now it seems so much simpler, I can see that it is not just one thing and that health is all interlinked. I began to see what the word "wholeness" really means. We either have angry blood or healthy happy blood. Toxins of all sorts can create cellular madness, chaos and destruction. However, before that final phase of destruction we can suffer for many years with symptoms of inflammation, pain, fatigue and the slow breakdown of our health. This can occur in a multitude of ways and be presented via a variety of symptoms.

When we insist on putting death into our life-giving bloodstream on a daily basis, what other possible outcome can we expect? It's not a mystery, yet the mainstream medical establishment treats it as such to justify non-change and the drugging of people for profit. If that is not blood money, then what is?

They have known for decades what gives cancer and the likes of it. They can give mice cancer whenever they want. The toxic chemicals are known. It’s not a mystery.

After years of studying, trial and error, I began to resolve my symptoms I began to figure out what needs to be put into my body to calm down that angry under-nourished bloodstream so that it could go to work on nourishing my joints, tissues, mucous membranes, colon, organs and eventually revitalize my body. I came to understand the difference between inflammatory living and anti-inflammatory living.

Some from my past would say that maybe it was all my stress creating the inflammation. Yes, stress does promote inflammation, but believe me, ‘inflammation’ can create an enormous amount of stress. There will always be a certain degree of stressors in our life and we will be able to handle them with much more ease if we have happy blood and therefore a comfortable body to be in. You cannot instantly change your life's stressors, but you can instantly change what you put into your body and into your blood. That's the difference!

So, change what you can today and then initiate your other goals. Roots of Health exists today because of my personal experience with pain, misery, and then recovery. Out of my searches and journeys, compassion for others suffering was born. This is because I know how it steals your life away. I know the frustration and the tears inside it causes.

I came up with some basic products that I feel are very important to help people get back to enjoying their body and their life. Products that help with your blood, getting toxins out and recharging it with life. We will be eventually adding some more products. My focus of study has been on inflammation and energy. However, I am convinced I should research other things to help as well.

Customers are welcome to call or email us anytime. We are not just here to sell you our products. I like helping people because I personally know what it's like. Just so you know, our products are encapsulated by a manual machine and there are no ‘fillers’. I wanted our capsules to be as potent as possible. That couldn’t happen with filler ingredients taking up valuable space. Also, those fillers serve no beneficial purpose within your blood and your body.

Thanks to all! Wishing you great health!

- Darcy Borst, Roots of Health


The subject matter contained herein is not intended to diagnose or advise treatment. Always check with your healthcare provider prior to beginning any new treatment.

I neither sought, nor will seek, FDA approval for my products.