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Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine Sulfate

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• Great for: dry eyes, inflammation, cardio-vascular issues, gut health
• Lubricates and strengthens the body (as well as joints, tendons, and cartilage)
• Boots natural production of hyaluronic acid

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The subject matter contained herein is not intended to diagnose or advise treatment. If you have any concerns, particularly if you have pre-existing conditions or allergies, check with your healthcare provider regarding the ingredients we use.

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100 Capsules | 800mg. each

NO FILLERS, Vegan Capsules. Freshly filled capsules.  These are filled using a manual machine.  There are ZERO lubricants or fillers used when we fill our capsules.  Inside this vegetarian capsule is 100% Glucosamine Sulfate.


Dosage & Info

Symptoms: arthritis, inflammation, joint pain, joint stiffness, dry skin, dry eyes, fibromyalgia

Mild: start out taking 2 capsules 3 times a day. If you notice improvement but feel you could benefit from more then, step it up to…

Moderate: which would consist more like 4 capsules 3 times a day. Again, if you still feel like you need more then increase the dosage to what I would call…

Customized: I take at least 6 capsules for my fibromalagia 3 times a day. I take them with or without food as they do not upset my stomach in any way.


A Word from Darcy (founder)

Glucosamine and it's benefits. What it can do for your body; for your life.

It occurs naturally in your body and is a natural substance. It's constantly working to build your connective tissue, cartilage, ligaments, plus many other structures and components in your body.

What a lot of people don't know is that it also lubricates and strengthens the joints.

This enables them to move and glide smoothly.

Which of course, is much less destructive to the system and prevents inflammation within your connective tissues, your muscle tissues, your joints, ligaments and tendons.

Every aspect of your soft tissue is benefited by Glucosamine. It's absolutely essential for healthy joints and which again, most people don't realize – healthy, youthful skin.

Glucosamine, because it hydrates the skin and soft tissues, is extremely good for you. It softens your skin, so you don't have to rub lotion on it all day.
It increases and promotes the production of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid.

You may have heard of that because it's in most beauty products as it's so effective at holding onto moisture.

Hence, it's extremely good for the health and the visual aspect of your skin.

Well hydrated skin appears to be much more youthful. When we start out in life, we have ample production of all the things that make our skin healthy. That's why we look so wrinkle-free and smooth and good.

When it comes to connective tissue: your cartilage, ligaments, joints, tendons and even the synovial fluid within your joints, Glucosamine hydrates all that because it holds moisture within the cells of all your soft tissues. So it ends up lubricating everything. It strengthens it and gives it back its integrity like it had when you were young.

Most Glucosamine comes from the shells of shellfish (not the protein that causes an allergic reaction) when used for supplements. Animal bones, and connective tissue are also really good sources.

You know it becomes quite clear that in the old days and in the distant past. Well, maybe not quite so distant. People lived mainly out of their gardens and out of the woods etc. Whatever they raised on their little farms, and from the animals they killed, they used everything. They cooked bones until the marrow came out. They cooked all the tendons, and the ligaments, and all the little cartilages out of the chickens, the beef etc. until all that stuff broke down into a broth, within the soups.

Consequently, that nourished human beings back then and they received a natural supply of Glucosamines out of those soups and broths.

Nowadays we don't quite live like that, so we need to supplement.

You don't have women standing in the kitchen for 8 hours preparing these high-quality broths and soups anymore. Instead she's quite rightly out probably working and earning a living in this modern day.

As a result, the family diet has suffered.

We have become deficient in a lot of things. Glucosamines are one.

Another benefit about Glucosamine, that's so important, is for people that suffer from dry eyes, and dry mucus membranes. It hydrates those membranes and helps dramatically with dry eyes.

There's a lot of other dry things, that we don't realize that are affecting us, right down to our arteries. Glucosamine helps prevent inflammation in the arteries that eventually leads to the arteriosclerosis. It's really good for the cardiovascular system in general.

Our heart suffers with inflammation and dryness as we age. Glucosamine helps with inflammation within the heart tissues and helps get rid of it.

Thusly, it allows heart tissue to heal and repair.

Just look at nature. When things dry out, they die.

The body is the same way. When you dry out, you begin to shut down.

You slowly just creak to a stop. Everything starts failing and inflaming. Eventually that inflammation and dryness becomes the end of you.

Glucosamine helps with gut inflammation and in a lot of other areas. Ones that people would normally not attribute to it.

However, I am a firm believer. I've gotten personal results. When people take it, they start getting results literally day 1 to day 2.

But you MUST take enough of it. Lot of times people treat it as a drug and they just take one little capsule.

As previously mentioned, it's naturally occurring, and as a bonus you can put a fair amount of it in you with no side effects.

Use it to really start hydrating and strengthening everything anywhere from the joints, to gut health, to your heart, to your cardiovascular system. It all needs that elasticity that comes as a result of properly hydrated tissues.

You know when something loses its elasticity/hydration, it shrinks. When something dries it shrinks. Think of your joints: They shrink, tighten and shorten.

Pretty soon your dry shortened ligaments and tendons start to fail.

You turn the wrong way, all of a sudden "Oh my back is out!".

This is because they're not flexible anymore, so they pull the bone with it. Pretty soon, thereafter you need a chiropractor to get an alignment. All because your tendons and ligaments are drying. They're shortening, they're pulling your bones out of alignment.

Your cartilage shrinks, and sort of becomes brittle when it dries.

As it shrinks your bones start rubbing together. They start hitting nerves that shouldn't be hit. Ones that are normally protected by healthy cartilage.

When cartilage shrinks or gets damaged, all of a sudden, it's bone on bone. They hit the nerves and you get chronic pain in your joints.

People attribute it to aging, or they say: "Hey, it's genetic!". Well no, you're dehydrating. You're drying up.

It's not just age anymore that dries us up. It's the lack of a proper diet. A lack of the proper components we need to stay hydrated.

Hydrated isn't just about water. It's about substances that hold water within the body such as Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. Things of that nature.

It hydrates everything including the skin and is said to help remove dark spots.

Glucosamine, it is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, systemically.

If one wants to have healthy joints, intestines, guts, blood vessels, eyes, skin, you MUST increase those Glycosaminoglycans.

Another thing about Glucosamine is that there are a couple different kinds.

There's Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL.

I have always gotten the best results with Glucosamine Sulfate. I think it's the better absorbed form. That’s why we sell it.

A lot of people will take Glucosamine HCL and they won't feel the results. Then they think "Ah that's just baloney. Glucosamine don't work. It's all BS".

But it's not. In my opinion, you have to go with the Glucosamine Sulfate and you have to take enough of it.

I take probably 8 to 12 grams a day. I have to. If I don't take it, within days I'll feel the dryness in my skin and in my eyes. I have also taken it for years, and I can confirm that over time, if you're consistent and you do it every day, it will actually rebuild cartilage.

Many people have said to me "well you can't rebuild cartilage" because that's what their doctors have said, or their chiropractors have said. “You can't rebuild cartilage. You have Chronic Degenerative Joint Disease!".

That's the famous mantra, for anybody with joint pain or back pain. I think it's complete hogwash. I have been through all that have been labeled that way. Over 20 years ago I was told that.

Well, my disks since I have hydrated, have expanded. I have healed my tendons, my ligaments, my joints, my synovial fluid. The cartilage itself, I have regrown.

For me, every single time I take it, I take Vitamin C. Don't just take 200mg. If you're serious about rebuilding cartilage, you add 3 to 10 grams of Vitamin C to the Glucosamine. I use my ‘Real C’ product for the absorption abilities. Go with whatever one you feel best about.

If you're consistent, you will rebuild cartilage. Plus, Vitamin C is a dramatic anti-inflammatory. It also promotes circulation, as little-known side benefit.

Anyway, back to the Glucosamine. It can solve a lot of inflammatory problems and everybody should be using it.

Do so if you have any form of joint discomfort, skin dryness, mucus membrane dryness, eye dryness. Any form of dryness. You probably have dryness you don't even feel. Even if you don't have joint pain, you probably have dryness in your vascular system.

We all have a degree of inflammation there, and the Glucosamine is wonderful at diminishing it within our vascular system, our heart muscle and our gut.

This Glucosamine, even though it's quite inexpensive, is extremely valuable for your entire body.

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