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  • Complete Vitamin C Source.
  • All Natural Bioavailable.
  • Natural Occurring Essential Cofactors.
  • Rutin, Bioflavonoids etc.
  • Super Immune Booster.
  • Removes Toxins.
  • Necessary for collagen and cartilage.
  • Natural Anti-inflammatory.
  • Beauty Nutrient.

The name says it all! This is one of the most complete and concentrated natural sources of Vitamin C.  It comes straight from nature. Real-C is not formulated in a lab, and it is not a synthetic vitamin. It is harvested from Organic Acerola Cherries which are 20% Vitamin C by weight. The other 80% is all the other good stuff in the cherry that helps the Vitamin C do as it was intended to do.

This includes, rutin, hesperidin, anthocyanins, whole plant bioflavonoids and other naturally occurring essential cofactors. Vitamin C works best with the counterparts mentioned above. They were put together for a reason. Trust me when I say nature is more advanced than man will ever be. They all contribute to each other to create a perfect balance. It is highly absorbable. This is very import to your health, due to it building your immune system, and removing toxins from your blood.

The Food and Nutrition board raised the RDA for Vitamin C intake per day to 90mg of pure Vitamin C from 70mg. In my opinion the RDA minimum requirement is ridiculously low set at an amount to basically prevent scurvy. This is not even remotely enough to heal the human body. If you are a smoker you need Real-C immediately. Smoking pulls Vitamin C from your body because the smoke creates toxins in our blood. If you are a smoker at least double if not tenfold the amount recommended.

Most people assume they get enough Vitamin C in any given day. Not the case! They believe this because they either have a glass of orange juice in the morning or they eat or drink other stuff that has a low-quality incomplete form of Vitamin C altered by man. It would be nice to get a full day’s worth of Vitamin C in a glass of juice, but how do you get that out of something that has been pasteurized and altered from its original state. This means it was heated up. That process destroys all the living enzymes and all other life intending substances within it. Often that ‘juice’ is only partially real anyway.



Organic Acerola Cherry, Vegetable Cellulose (Plant Fiber Capsule).

No Fillers!


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