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Organic Senna Leaf and Pod

Our products are made in Cheshire, Oregon USA, from Certified Organics and ethically sourced ingredients.

Found in our product: Eliminate

The leaves and the fruit of the plant are used to make medicine. We use small amounts in Eliminate as a ‘loosener’ and ‘pusher’.

Senna is an FDA-approved over-the-counter herb. It is used to treat constipation and also to clear the bowels before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. It is considered a powerful laxative due to the presence of compounds called anthraquinones.

Senna is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anal or rectal surgery, tears in the lining of the anus (anal fissures), hemorrhoids, and weight loss.

This herb stimulates the muscles of the colon to push fecal matter through more quickly. Senna leaf acts on the intestinal walls to cause contractions that lead to bowel movements. It softens stool by enabling the colon to absorb water. Senna can effectively cure even the most severe cases of constipation. The glycosides in it help transport electrolytes, causing bowel movements within 6 to 12 hours of its intake.

Senna has been regarded as a “cleansing herb” due to its laxative effects. Senna leaf is used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear away the heat accumulated in the large intestine, and helps the body get rid of the stagnant food accumulated in the stomach.

The essential oils, tannins and other compounds in senna possess anti-bacterial properties. These can inhibit the growth and proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and parasites. Chewing senna leaf like tobacco can cure mouth infections and gingivitis. It also possesses mild inflammatory properties, which can soothe internal and external swelling.

Senna has been found to be effective in providing relief from heartburn, nausea, gas, bloating and belching associated with dyspepsia.

We do not recommend using the herb on its own. Particularly not daily for extended periods.