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Angry Blood
"Book Preview"
"As important as it is for what goes into your ears to be that of truth, so is it also important that what goes into your mouth to be that of truth." So what is angry blood? It can probably be best understood through the comparison of your own soul. When you are lied to, how does it make you feel? When all you really want is a peaceful happy life and people keep lying to you, does it not make you feel angry? The more this happens, the angrier it seems to make us feel, because lies are poison and they threaten our chance at happiness moment to moment as they occur. They are poison to our heart and that affects the health of our blood as well. "Poisoned blood becomes angry blood." Regardless of whether that is from the stress and anger of being hurt and lied to, or from the way we treat our bodies with our dietary habits. We become acidic and then symptoms occur as a direct result of such. Think of man made artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, MSG, growth hormones, antibiotics, etc etc . . . All those and many more are a lie to the human body, just as a lie from the mouth is to our heart and soul. Again, it is equally as destructive to put a lie into our mouth, as it is to go into our ears. When we get lied to, we can develop emotional issues, we can get depressed, get confused, doubt self, lose hope, take prescription drugs from legal drug dealers (Doctors) etc.

Now we are feeding our bodies with additional lies (Drugs). The more lies, the more we are trapped, which is exactly where we are today, biologically and spiritually trapped in discontent. Trapped, lied to, and manipulated away from self. Ingesting lies everyday (such as a bottle of cola) poisons our bloodstream, which is the stream of life that nourishes our entire body and removes our naturally occurring metabolic waste, the stream that either gives life or takes it. When this occurs day after day, we are left with inevitable outcomes and manifestations. All of a sudden we experience joint pain, we must have arthritis, we feel tired, we must have chronic fatigue syndrome, our little farm animal won’t wake up, we must have erectile dysfunction, we have osteoporosis, we must just be old. It couldn’t possibly be that our blood is so damn acidic from ingesting crap all day, that our bones are donating themselves in order to buffer the acids in the blood stream to protect our vital organs (osteoporosis).

Why do you think "meth" users lose their teeth? "Meth" is very acidic, and the calcium in the body is used to buffer it. Well, so is all the other processed food and drinks (acidic), just not as extreme. Hence not as quick but the same outcomes in the end do occur. That’s right, the same ultimate outcomes – self – destruction. Those on any drug including "meth" may be destroying themselves quicker, but they are no different from you or I, other than our righteousness and judgments. Perhaps they represent the future as well, as our outcomes seem to be the same, it just appears that some of us are getting there quicker, but we seem to be on the same path for the most part, much of it unknowingly. Many of us are are distraught with self and this world, and for many valid reasons.

If we do not wake up and face the problems in our world as a unit, we will have specific outcomes as a unit. "United we stand – divided we fall" Come on religions, lets live what we preach! We are killing ourselves just as are the drug addicts, except we are in more ways than one. So righteous ones, if you drink pop everyday, smoke everyday, eat fast food a lot, drink coffee everyday, crave Oreos or Doritos or the like everyday, consume alcohol often (yes, even wine) crave and eat white flour products everyday, crave and engage in drama everyday, crave and consume salty MSG processed products constantly, etc, then know that you too are an addict on the path of self-destruction. The more you dislike life on this planet, the more of these lie’s you will consume, to get off this planet quicker. We seem to have such a lack of true joy and stimulation in our daily lives for so many reasons, that we are willing to do anything to feel something good even if it shortens our lives. The "few" have manufactured these shit products that are a lie to our bodies and they do threaten our physical well-being, just as their lying mouths threaten the well-being of our souls and our relationship to ourselves and to each other.

We have been manipulated to turn on self and on each other, rather than direct our hate and dis-approval where it belongs. Only when this is realized will justice occur and truth be served. Do you see the blood money? Do you see the price we are paying for the "few" to get richer and richer? Do you see one of the outcomes, "angry blood"? Blood, that which either brings life to all tissues, or that which brings death (rot) to all tissues. Once our poisoned blood stream poisons our tissues, we develop a vast array of symptoms, anywhere from fatigue to cancer. These symptoms are then called diseases and disorders.

They are always without a cure, and they can only be treated. Guess what the only thing they can be treated with? Drugs!! Drugs are not only extremely profitable, but they are also extremely acidic. Now think of what that does to the bloodstream! It is going to make your problems worse and worse. Acidic poisonous angry blood caused your symptoms to begin with, and now you are making your bloodstream even more toxic, acidic, and way worse off. It would be like throwing the nastiest of chemicals and other crap into our rivers and streams and thinking our soil and drinking water and the rest of the planet, would be unaffected. All the creeks, rivers, streams, and lakes are the bloodstream of the planet, as our bloodstream is to our body.

Why would we believe that polluting our planet could eventually lead to our destruction, but the polluting of our body is of no concern or discussion? Only fools can be fooled, are we just that - fools? Destruction will be the same outcome to our bodies, as it will be to the planet if we do not make the changes and wake up now. How we treat one, we are treating the other (As is evident). A quick example of that, where would you guess the millions of pounds of prescription drugs go when we go to the bathroom, when the medical establishment throws old drugs in the garbage? Etc.. Remember the earth has a bloodstream that will circulate everything around the globe. Everything ends up in the soils and the waters everywhere. There are reports of toxins in the furthest most reaches of the North Pole ice caps. There are no humans there, but the toxins are there. Spraying our soils with herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, etc… is sterilizing our plants, foods, and soils.

Many may think this is good, but it is the opposite, it is catastrophic. Micro-organisms partly created your body and Micro-organisms are necessary to maintain your physical existence. In destroying them we are destroying our existence as well. Just as antibiotics kill all the beneficial bacteria in your gastro-intestinal tract, the same thing is occurring to the soil, plants, and foods when we spray them. We are behaving in a manner of suicide and the murdering of our descendents. Your actions are the seeds that you plant for your future descendents to reap. You can plant a seed of life and give your descendents a shade tree, or you can absorb and overuse and abuse the resources that were left and given to us and leave behind barren and lifeless soil. As the soils become lifeless, so will your bodies, for they need the micro-life-forms of the earth. Without them, we will perish; they are our "Immune system". As the bible stated, "you are the dust of the earth" literally. If we destroy our external immune system, what do you think this will do to our internal immune system? Common sense that is apparently no longer so common! Everyone sees the constant yogurt commercials on T.V. promoting healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) such as Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria.

These are two of the more common bacteria put in products, some naturally occurring. This is about the extent of what the general public knows about good bacteria, or healthy micro-organisms. The only reason the mass public knows even this much about good bacteria, is because big business uses this information to promote the sale of their products. If it was not about "money" you would not know anything about bacteria, other than it is all bad. We need good bacteria (micro-organisms) as much as we need air, food, water etc… So remember, when you think of our lands and foods being sprayed with poisons, know that it is ultimately being sprayed within you and on your inner lands and terrain as well. We are that connected. The body and the planet are the same. People’s blood is angry and damn well should be angry, for we have been lied to on every level of life. What can we do? We need to become responsible for our spiritual, mental and physical health. The few are benefiting and profiting hugely off of the suffering of the many (blood money). We must question and challenge the lack of quality that we are offered.

For instance soft drinks, they are making us acidic, toxic, diabetic and fat period. People may say: well it tastes so good I just love it, what else would I drink? If enough people would stop buying the crap, and requested something that will not harm them, but yet taste great, it would happen almost immediately. Something healthy would be manufactured within days, challenge it!! Choose life for your soul and for your body. Healthy, happy blood gives life unto life. Again, think about all the human beings currently addicted to prescription medication and our children that we are raising to be addicts, teaching them that drugs are the answer. Your child has too much energy, drug them, a little distracted – not enjoying everything in school, drug them. The kids are feeling a bit stressed and are not feeling centered within their own being, drug them. Instead of questioning ourselves (Parents, the system, our society) drug them. Children acting out in massive amounts is a message to us, not a drug deficiency.

We would, apparently rather drug our children, than wake-up. Is the parent perhaps not feeling centered within their own soul? Pretty hard to pay attention in school when you’re not feeling centered, or happy with life in general. We need to become aware and wake-up to our inner beings, face our truth and offer our children a real shot at life, teaching them to be aware beings, teaching them to respect and love their life and the lives of others. When you drug your children, you are putting them in your state of mind. You can only offer what you are in the moment and up to date. "Woe to the children, for the sins of the parents shall fall on them." If the parent of any child has not been witnessed (seen by another for who they truly are and acknowledged as such) and raised within love and truth and is struggling with life and self love themselves, then that is the energy field that is available to the child as well, no more. Even if the parents intentions are the best they have, wanting the child to have more than you had on a material level for example is all fine, but know a lack of that is not what still leaves you hurt and feeling empty.

It is the lack of energy and love you needed and still need. "Give us this day our daily bread, (The energy of love and truth)" If only religion truly understood what this meant and had taught it over the hundreds of years passed. "Scientific fact," "that which is set in motion will stay in motion until an equal or greater force interrupts its journey." The greater force in this case is information. Old original truths that will put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

We must wake-up and start questioning all things. The more truth we discover, the easier it will get to discern truth from a lie on all matters. Your own soul is where divine intervention remains waiting. To give your children inner connection, freedom and liberation from inner and outer poison, you must accomplish it first. Your best of intentions and your best of words are not enough. It must be accomplished by you in order to exist in your energy field, which is the final word!! It is only that which exists in your energy that you can truly offer another being. (And by their fruit ye shall know them). As fruit is the final manifestation and offering on the tree of life, so is your aura your final manifestation of the fruit you offer to the world.

It also testifies to who you are. If it is lies that you have bought into and went into agreement with, then that is what your energy will be primarily full of. How can your child listen to your mouth, if your energy speaks of another message? To begin with, open your mind to the possibility that there is much more to be seen and discovered regarding your life and existence, than what you have ever been told. You will have no purpose in your life, until you see and acknowledge that there is purpose in life! Until we re-connect, we will be trapped in meaninglessness and all that accompanies it. Another thing I want to mention regarding our bloodstream is the issue of stagnant, slow moving blood in today’s non-physical exertion life style. I would just like people to think of pond water, would you bathe in it? Would you drink it? Would you wash your clothes or your car in it? If not why not? Now I want you to think of fresh flowing spring water. Same thing, would you bathe in it, drink it, wash your belongings with it? Of course you would, it is clean, fresh, and life giving. Pond water never moves, spring water is almost always moving and hence it is filtered clean and fresh. Your bloodstream is the same, if it never gets good flow and filtration it becomes as pond water and can clean nothing – no tissues, no organs, just toxic build up and no energy.

So what’s the point? Be as spring water – "move your ass" in some way everyday. A treadmill is boring, to bad! Do you know how boring kidney dialysis sessions are, or how boring hospital beds are? Or, how about the discomfort of not being able to go number two? There is no end to the list of discomforts that can manifest. Go pour a big jug of mountain dew on your pretty new car to wash it, and when it dries you won’t even be able to open the doors they will be so sticky, and you will have every insect within a 50 miles radius all over it as well. Same thing in your body, it will clean nothing! It will just make you toxic, and attract and feed detrimental bacteria, fungus, parasites, molds, etc… I also want to mention something about inflammation, inflammation is always a signal that there is a disturbance of energies, and it can be any origin of cause.

It could be an infection from a foreign invader, (bacteria, virus, etc…) or a foreign man made substance, labeled as food but not real or recognizable by the body. Just because man is successful at selling you lies and you eat them, doesn’t mean your body is also going to be so easily manipulated. Yes food and also man-made franken-food is actually all just energy. When that energy is not compatible with human flesh energy there becomes an inflammation response, a message. When another lies to you, betrays you, or hurts your heart in any of many ways, on a physical level it is equivalent to cellular violence and it will also manifest as inflammation and can be very physically destructive. It is akin to a cellular forest fire.

In fact any traumatic or chronic stress of any kind equates to cellular violence. It is just as destructive as the obvious external results of physical violence. In some ways it is worse, because you don’t see it happening but the violence and destruction is occurring whether you are aware of it or not. Very important to try to associate and accompany yourself with those of strong honor, integrity, and a lot of love. So try to make your blood – "happy blood" with mouth truth and ear truth.

My Story
"How can a drug be the cure, when a drug was not the cause?"
I would like to say thank you for visiting my website. You are probably here because you have a health concern that a traditional doctor cannot fix and you want to try something new, or you are just trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. For those of you who are new to this "Original" style of health (for it is drugs that are really alternative medicines - as I do believe mother nature was here before chemically manufactured drugs), I hope I can bring truth and insight into your lives. I am not a large corporate company that is trying to pedal a product that meets minimal standards. I am not partners, or a sister company with anyone. It is my family and I who want to create amazing products and give back people their lives. No one should have to go through what myself and countless others have had to deal with in our lives needlessly. I will tell you how I came to be here at this point in my life and the tens of thousands of dollars I wasted in hopes a product I found would help me. Many did little to nothing.

My quest took me all around the country and I buried my nose into hundreds and hundreds of books. I have discovered many basic truths and want to create a life where I can do what matters, GIVE PEOPLE THEIR LIVES BACK! My symptoms began around 28 years old. I had always (so I thought), taken care of myself, exercising and trying to make better choices in my diet, with what knowledge I currently had. Looking back, I now realize that I basically knew next to nothing.

My initial symptoms were elbow and knee joint pain. I just figured I was tired, had a cold or something else insignificant and thought that it would just go away. It didn't, it got worse and soon all of my joints hurt. Then the pain also spread to my muscles, tendons and ligaments. I soon had pain literally from my toes to my finger tips and from my head and yes even to my ears. The next symptom to hit me hard was severe fatigue. I would get up in the morning and no lie, within an hour I would have to lay back down on the floor to rest. I would not sleep, I would just have to rest. That would go on and off throughout the rest of the day.

Not long after, I developed another symptom, that being dryness. First it came as dry mouth and I mean dry like you ate walnut after walnut and then shoved cotton balls in your mouth to absorb any possible moisture that was left. What became dangerous at that point was tooth and gum problems. Your saliva has many purposes, one of which is to keep you orally healthy. Additional highly irritating dryness that manifested was dry eyes. These symptoms went on for about 10 years. Inspired by discomfort, I studied, studied and studied, trying about everything you can possibly imagine. I drove to other states trying various therapies. The entire experience was much like putting together a puzzle. This 50 piece puzzle just happened to take a few months to find each piece.

It has ultimately been about learning what is effective and what is out there just absorbing ones money with little to no results. Like any problem in life, including the physical ones, the solution cannot be achieved until you find the root, the ACTUAL cause. How can a drug be the cure, when a drug was not the cause?
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