My Story
"How can a drug be the cure, when a drug was not the cause?"
     I would like to say thank you for visiting my website. You are
here because you have a health concern that a traditional doctor
cannot fix and you want to try something new, or just try to
maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  For those of you who are
new to this "Original" style of health, (for it is drugs that are really
alternative medicines-as I do believe mother nature was here
before chemically manufactured drugs), I hope I can bring  truth
and insight into your lives. I am not a large corporate company
that is trying to pedal a product that meets minimal standards.  I
am not partners, or a sister company with anyone. It is my family
and I who want to create amazing products and give back people
their lives.  No one should have to go through what myself and
countless others have had to deal with in our lives needlessly. I will
tell you how I came to be here at this point in my life and the tens
of thousands of dollars I wasted in hopes a product I found would
help me. Few did anything.
    My quest took me all around the country, and I buried my nose
into hundreds and hundreds of books.  I have discovered many
basic truths and want to create a life where I can do what matters,
GIVE PEOPLE THEIR LIVES BACK! My symptoms began around
28 years old.  I had always, (so I thought) taken care of myself,  
exercising and trying to make better choices in my diet, with what
knowledge I currently had.  Looking back, I now realize that I
basically knew next to nothing.
     My initial symptoms were elbow and knee joint pain.  I just
figured I was tired, had a cold or something else insignificant, and
thought that it would just go away.  It didn't, it got worse and soon
all of my joints hurt.  Then the pain also spread to my muscles,
tendons and ligaments.  I soon had pain, literally from my toes to
my finger tips and from my head and yes even to my ears.  The
next symptom to hit me hard was severe fatigue.  I would get up in
the morning and no lie, within an hour I would have to lay back
down on the floor to rest.  I would not sleep, I would just have to
rest. That would go on and off throughout the rest of the day.  
      Not long after, I developed another symptom, that being
dryness.  First it came as dry mouth, and I mean dry like you ate
walnut after walnut, and then shoved cotton balls in your mouth
to absorb any possible moisture that was left.  What became
dangerous at that point was tooth and gum problems.  Your saliva
has many purposes, one of which is to keep you orally healthy.  
Additional highly irritating dryness that manifested was dry eyes.  
These symptoms went on for about 10 years.  Inspired by
discomfort, I studied, studied, and studied.  Trying about
everything you can possibly imagine.  I drove to other states trying
various therapies.  The entire experience was much like putting
together a puzzle.  This 50 piece puzzle just happened to take a few
months to find each piece.  
    It has ultimately been about learning what is effective and what
is out there just taking money with little to no results. Like any
problem in life, including the physical ones, the solution cannot be
achieved until you find the root, the ACTUAL cause.  How can a
drug be the cure, when a drug was not the cause?

Are You Willing To Do Anything To Have        
                          Your Life Back??

    The one thing I hate most about 99.0% of natural healing
websites is that they only give you part of the information.  They
only give you part of the information because if they gave you it all
you would realize the products they are selling are largely
ineffective.  When you only know half of the information, you
cannot make an educated decision on if it is going to work for you,
but out of desperation you will keep trying their products in hopes
that it will work as I did for many, many years.
    On top of only giving you half of the information needed they
also charge you $40.00 for a book with a bunch of information
you do not need.  They will ramble on and on, and finally you will
get one good sentence per chapter.  By the time your done reading
it you realize you just wasted your money because you did not get
any answers in that book.  Not to point any fingers, but  making
money off people with serious health concerns, and giving them a
vague idea, and no answer  is 100% crap.  Almost all the
information you need can be presented in a nice, simple and easy
to understand format.  I am not going to ramble on about how you
can eat McDonald's on a Friday night after coming home from a
smoky bar, because you followed the program so good Monday
through Thursday.  I am not going to give you false hope and say
you can do it in 20 minutes a day three times a week.  Just face the
fact, if you are suffering and you want the results that work, be
prepared to jump into this with both feet. You cannot tip-toe
through life and accomplish anything.  Its time to start stomping to
get what you want, and achieve what needs to be achieved.
Whether it is Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic
Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, AIDS, or any other debilitating
disease.  I believe I can help you.  I make many of my own
products using 100% Organic Materials. If I sell something that
another has manufactured, it is because I have used it and I am a
fan of the results. I answer my own E-mails and I answer my own
phone. I have nothing to hide and am not a fan of the lack of
communication our modern society is turning into. I am not a
money hungry giant, but I do need to earn enough money to eat
quality real food instead of all the frankenfood out there.  I supply
top of the line products and information at a garage sale price
compared to many other companies out there. Now get up and
let's get started!

    If you don't understand the root cause of the problem
you will be left guessing at what will and won't work.  If
you don't understand the cause you won't understand
the cure.  Example:  If you have Fibromyalgia, and the
primary cause is an acidic body and blood.  Then you
won't know that alkalizing your body is what you need to
do.  So you take a guess and decide that you are going to
eat all fruits  and so you eat a lot of bananas, well
bananas are very high in sugar and even though they
came from nature, the sugar will still add more acid to
your blood. Which in Turn can make you feel worse!!
Just one little example.
Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
Roots of Health
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