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Primal Support
Primal Support
Primal Support

Primal Support

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Primal Support is a natural blend of 12 species of Probiotics and Homeostatic Soil Organisms. I personally believe that the healthy bacteria's that are missing in our bodies today account for countless symptoms. These include fatigue, fibromyalgia, all gut and digestion issues, assimilation and elimination issues, skin, inflammation, and many others.

180 Caplets

Not available for purchase in Australia.


Dunaliella Barley Grass Juice

Oat Grass Juice

Yucca Juice

Ionic Plant Based Minerals


Vegetable Cellulose (Plant Fiber Capsule)


  • Digestion
  • Assimilation
  • Elimination
  • Energy
  • A Strong Immune System
  • Joint Health
  • Muscle Health
  • Metabolism

Google and study soil organisms. You will see what we are doing by destroying our lands and soils. When we spray pesticides, herbicides, and all our other various poisons onto our crops and on our soils, we are destroying our external Immune systems by killing all of the microscopic life forms that we need for our internal immune systems. It does to the external immune system, what antibiotics do to our inner immune systems. It kills the beneficial microscopic life which makes up a good 80% of our immune system.

We are creating outcomes for humanity that we have not even begun to see manifesting yet. When the soils die the humans die next, sad but true. These soil organisms used to be in our foods, but if they are not in the soil then they are no longer exist and must be supplemented.


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