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For years I have studied, and through trial and error I now know how to get some of the worlds best nutrients into the blood stream to not only prevent, but to assist in the healing of all diseases. Most people will laugh and shrug their shoulders at me, but if you're suffering you know there is a better way out there.

The FDA has regulated what I can say, and I must tell you again and again that not one of these products or statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, or the AMA. You should always contact a Medical Professional before attempting to try any natural healing. Some of the herbs and supplements used in this program may cause serious harm or death due to an allergic reaction. (Just as some OTC and Prescription Drugs would, but apparently they don't need to put that on their bottles.) So remember to seek medical advise, and again these products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose any disease.

I would like to do a follow up to the statement I just made. From my experience I know 9.9 out of 10 doctors know nothing. They do not know how to heal you, they do know how to drug you. They are legal drug dealers and are constantly busy creating addicts and numbing out already existing addicts. When you go to a doctor they will give you a pill to make a your problem easier to deal with, never fix it. A doctor is only good if you need your arm to be reattached or an immediate surgery. If you just stop and think for one moment and think about all of your doctor visits you will see its always a pill to relieve the pain or discomfort. If one cures oneself of anything, the doctor does not want to know specifically what you did, they instead just say that whatever your doing must be working.

They seem to not want to learn and apply it to their other patients. FIRST DO NO HARM is there original oath. I wonder if creating addicts is doing any harm to the patient and to the entire planet? IF THEY FIX YOU, IT WILL STOP MAKING THEM MONEY. It is no different from a car manufacture, if they make a car that lasts a lifetime there will be no use to buy a new one. Everything is a business, and the point of many businesses is to make as much money as they can. It is up to you and your intuition to lead you to honest business that is truly trying to benefit you. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOU. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, YOUR WILLPOWER AND DISCIPLINE WILL BE YOUR CURE.

My Story
"How can a drug be the cure, when a drug was not the cause?"
I would like to say thank you for visiting my website. You are probably here because you have a health concern that a traditional doctor cannot fix and you want to try something new, or you are just trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. For those of you who are new to this "Original" style of health (for it is drugs that are really alternative medicines - as I do believe mother nature was here before chemically manufactured drugs), I hope I can bring truth and insight into your lives. I am not a large corporate company that is trying to pedal a product that meets minimal standards. I am not partners, or a sister company with anyone. It is my family and I who want to create amazing products and give back people their lives. No one should have to go through what myself and countless others have had to deal with in our lives needlessly. I will tell you how I came to be here at this point in my life and the tens of thousands of dollars I wasted in hopes a product I found would help me. Many did little to nothing.

My quest took me all around the country and I buried my nose into hundreds and hundreds of books. I have discovered many basic truths and want to create a life where I can do what matters, GIVE PEOPLE THEIR LIVES BACK! My symptoms began around 28 years old. I had always (so I thought), taken care of myself, exercising and trying to make better choices in my diet, with what knowledge I currently had. Looking back, I now realize that I basically knew next to nothing.

My initial symptoms were elbow and knee joint pain. I just figured I was tired, had a cold or something else insignificant and thought that it would just go away. It didn't, it got worse and soon all of my joints hurt. Then the pain also spread to my muscles, tendons and ligaments. I soon had pain literally from my toes to my finger tips and from my head and yes even to my ears. The next symptom to hit me hard was severe fatigue. I would get up in the morning and no lie, within an hour I would have to lay back down on the floor to rest. I would not sleep, I would just have to rest. That would go on and off throughout the rest of the day.

Not long after, I developed another symptom, that being dryness. First it came as dry mouth and I mean dry like you ate walnut after walnut and then shoved cotton balls in your mouth to absorb any possible moisture that was left. What became dangerous at that point was tooth and gum problems. Your saliva has many purposes, one of which is to keep you orally healthy. Additional highly irritating dryness that manifested was dry eyes. These symptoms went on for about 10 years. Inspired by discomfort, I studied, studied and studied, trying about everything you can possibly imagine. I drove to other states trying various therapies. The entire experience was much like putting together a puzzle. This 50 piece puzzle just happened to take a few months to find each piece.

It has ultimately been about learning what is effective and what is out there just absorbing ones money with little to no results. Like any problem in life, including the physical ones, the solution cannot be achieved until you find the root, the ACTUAL cause. How can a drug be the cure, when a drug was not the cause?
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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
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